26 April 2014

Day 32: 22 April - Tasks Accomplished After All the Drama

First task: Cut pictures to decorate her school project
Second task: Clean the big mess she made
Third task: Remove the hair ties from her unruly hair

These three tasks are simple to do. But for a 5 year old who is a Daddy’s girl and is used to having others do things for her, it’s frustrating when her Mommy tells her she needs to do everything by herself.

However, that’s what happened, and no matter how much or how loud Caila cried, begging us to help her, I made sure that no one lifted a finger.

It was a sight to see her over-acting to show us how much she struggled, trying to convince us that she couldn’t do those things, but we all ignored her.

Finally, when she realized her cries and “performance” were falling on deaf ears and blind eyes, she started doing them. Sure the pictures weren’t cut properly and some parts were cut in the middle, but at least she did it. And sure there were a couple of places on the table that were still a bit sticky, but at least most of the mess was cleared.

And seeing her proud and happy face when she realized she could do all of these by herself was just priceless.

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