06 April 2014

Day 13: 4 April - Unplanned Visit to Dubai Mall

We were on our way to a farm when it suddenly started to rain late Friday morning. That forced us to change our plans and turn towards the nearest mall: Dubai Mall. We first went to the Build-a-Bear Workshop (as requested by Caila) where she watched as a teddy bear was being stuffed, dressed, and accessorized.  As we were walking to find the Aquarium, we came across the dinosaur skeleton. It’s been a while since we visited the mall so this big display was a nice addition to what we normally see. Caila said it was a brachiosaurus (I thought she was making it up but apparently there really was a dinosaur with that name), but a quick check in the leaflet said the fossil belonged to a sauropod.  There, we spent a few minutes staring up at the skeleton and watching the clips about the dinosaur.  Finally we left and, walking around some more, located the Aquarium where our girls stared in amazement at the thousands of sea creatures. Our malling ended with a walk around the big Candylicious store before we headed home.

The sudden change in our plans brought by the rain didn’t dampen our spirits. In fact, it was nice to see that a quick stop at the mall was enough to make our girls excited at all the things they saw…without making a dent in our pockets.

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