23 April 2014

Day 25: 16 April - Identical Sisters Outfit

Until recently, I found it really silly when I would see kid brothers or sisters being dressed in identical outfits. If they were twins, I’d understand…but for siblings who obviously didn’t look alike?! Sheesh! What’s the idea? To help describe the kid’s clothes easily if one of them accidentally gets lost?

But then when I came across a dress in Tchibo at Mirdif City Centre last Wednesday, and it came in sizes just perfect for my daughters, my outlook changed (only slightly though) and I realized the concept is actually cute.

It would have been great if the dress came in different colors (like pink and purple) but it only came in one color.  Now, I’m all for matching outfits for siblings…but preferably not identical, because they are different people and have different personalities (even twins for that matter!). Wearing the same design but in different patterns or colors than the other, which complements at the same time, would be better. That's why I said my outlook slightly changed.

Anyway, I’m just happy I bought these dresses for Caila and Sophie.: their first identical sisters outfit:
won't they look adorable in these?

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  1. Pretty :) My girls 5 and 3 years old are wearing identical clothes or similarly styled dresses too most of the time - first because they always like what the other likes, second to be "fair" to both of them, and third, they look nice when they wear matching outfits. You just know they are siblings, LOL!



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