12 April 2014

Day 18: 9 April - A Birthday Party at McDonalds

Last Wednesday night, we attended the 5th birthday party of our friends’ son Hans at McDonalds, Al Bustan Centre in Qusais. And we all had a blast!

Since we’ve attended so many parties, Caila knows that there are usually games, and when there are games, there are prizes, and in order to get prizes, she has to do her best to win. Which is why she really gave her all in the games. First was the longest greeting where she was one of the 3 winners. The second was a group relay, but unfortunately, her team lost. Then the Bring Me game, where I supported her by searching through my bag for whatever was being asked for. She got 2 prizes for that.

Sophie, on the other hand, enjoyed the party by walking around, smiling, dancing, waving to the other guests, and eating. Whatever we gave her (fries, cake, nuggets, pieces of bun), she eagerly put in her mouth.

All of the guests enjoyed the Thumbs Up/McDonalds Happy Birthday song because the crew/host requested all of us to dance along with it, but what made the party complete was the arrival of one of their mascots, Hamburglar. Fortunately, my family was able to take a picture with him before he left…but unfortunately, it was blurred and there was no time for another one. Oh well.
It was still a good party and we all went home smiling.  And on the way home, Sophie had remembered one of the games her sister won and decided to copy her by saying “Haaaaaaaaaa! 2..3… Haaaaaaa! 2...3… Haaaaaaaaa!” It was so funny!

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