05 August 2013

oceana beach club

Our entire family got the chance to try the Oceana Beach Club on The Palm Jumeirah in June. Well, not exactly the entire family because Hubby couldn’t join us due to a prior commitment so it was only us girls (Mama, Ate Ning, me, Caila and Sophie) plus Gabe. We arrived at around 1:30pm and left just before 6pm. What did we do for four and a half hours? Swim, eat, and enjoy the views while relaxing on the lounge chairs…over and over again.  Ahh...this is the life!
what Caila called the "Cow Car"
the skyline of the Dubai Marina
floating in the clear blue waters
enjoying the lazy river
tired and hungry, so she took a quick break
the big chicken burger
nuggets and fries
three flavours of ice-cream
delicious lemonade
in front of ms liberty =)
another view of the Marina skyline
my sister, Mama, and me

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