19 August 2013

kids for christ's got talent

As I mentioned here, the monthly activity for KFC last month was the Star Camp. Our members attended acting, singing, modelling or dancing workshops, and in the afternoon, they presented what they were taught on stage. The hall was decorated to look just like a talent show, and of course there were the 4 special guest judges we invited: Edward Divinagracia from Kidville, Rachel Selinel from TFC, Louie da Costa of Tag 91.1 and Jeff Price who is the founder of Children's Media Network.

First to present were the kids of the Modelling Workshop, where they each wore costumes of their favourite superheroes.
Iron Man and Superman
Next were the Acting kids where they acted out a scene over and over, but portrayed different emotions each time.
Caila was part of the Singing Workshop. The kids sang different versions of “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction, and our daughter sang and strummed her toy guitar with the rock group. Naturally, I was such a stage mother that day when I saw her on stage. She was so cute! Feel na feel nya ang pagiging rakista!

The last ones onstage were the kids of the Dancing Workshop who danced to the upbeat version of “Under the Sea” and were dressed in cute costumes to portray the different sea creatures. Three senior kids represented the main characters Ariel the Mermaid, Sebastian the Crab, and Flounder the Fish who was played by my nephew Gabe. It was my first time for me to see him dance, and I was surprised that he could dance pretty well.

Here’s a short clip of what happened that day.
And to make us even more proud, the activity was reported on Balitang Middle East over the weekend.
Kudos to all the kids, parent coordinators, and service team for a successful event!

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