29 July 2013

because you were sick...

Thursday afternoon at home a little after 3pm, I was carrying Sophie. She seemed a bit hotter than usual which I mentioned to Mama and Yaya Juliet. But they simply said that it was because I had just come from outside where it was really hot. At 4 o’clock just before we started to get ready to go out, the baby still felt hot, so again, I told Mama. So we took out the thermometer and, as I suspected, she had a fever. It read 37.5 in one ear, and 37.9 in the other. This meant that we had to cancel almost all our plans for the entire 2-day weekend. Darn! 

So, Sophie, if you happen to read this, please know that because you were sick:
• we didn’t get to go to Fujairah for the overnight team building activity
• Daddy didn’t go to his FTB (For the Boys) bonding on Thursday night
• Mommy didn’t get a good night’s sleep the entire Thursday-Friday night because she would wake up practically every hour to check your temperature
• we had to take you to the hospital at 2am on Friday because your temperature reached 39.6
• we weren’t able to help Tita Lhen and Tito Joel with the preparations for Raine’s birthday
• we weren’t able to attend the (comeback) household of Tito Ryan and Tita Myrna

But don’t feel bad. Because you were sick:
• we were able to spend more time with you and Ate Caila; nakabawi kami from all the nights we were out attending meetings and activities
• if Daddy went to his FTB bonding, he wouldn’t be at home at the time you needed to be taken to the hospital
• Mommy was able to take extra, extra care of you, and you spent practically the entire weekend beside me or in my arms
• we found out you were teething!

Taking care of Sophie and spending quality time with her and her sister is definitely more important than going out. If we had gone out, what supposedly should have been time spent with the family would be spent with other people. And of course, no one else can be more important to me and Daddy than our daughters.

It’s true that things don't always work out the way you plan it to be. And for last weekend, I’m glad they did. Because as they say, things always happen for a reason.

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