11 August 2013

different body temperature readings

Whenever any of us in the family doesn’t feel well, we automatically take out our digital thermometer to check the temperature. Several months ago when Caila was sick, the doctor prescribed a suppository to use if her temperature went above 37.5 degrees. When she became sick again early last week and her temperature was 37.9 degrees, we immediately gave her that suppository. Her fever left the next day, but returned on Tuesday evening. So we gave her a suppository again. Finally, we decided to take her to the hospital on Wednesday night, and that’s when we found out that we were wrong in measuring her temperature and giving her the medicine.

Apparently, when the doctor prescribed the suppository previously, it was based on the temperature if it was taken from her mouth. However, when we use the thermometer, we measure through the ears. And there is a difference in the readings if taken from the mouth, ear, armpit and rectum. Haaaay!!! Good thing the doctor explained this to us and gave us this small piece of paper for our reference.
With a bottle of Panadol syrup which the doctor prescribed and that paper, we left the hospital that night more informed and assured that Caila’s fever would go away soon.

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