07 July 2013

lunch out at bait al mandi

To liven up our ordinary working Saturday, my Filipino colleagues and I decided to have lunch outside yesterday. In the past, we would eat at food courts of the nearby malls, but this time, we had lunch at a local restaurant in Rashidiya.
the interior of the small restaurant
Jonah has eaten there before so she was the one who placed our order of a whole Mandi Chicken. As soon as our order was placed, a man went to our table to cover it with a plastic sheet (to keep all the mess that might fall from our plates, I guess), then gave each of us yoghurt, some greens, and something like salsa.
In less than 5 minutes, our order was served before us. Here’s how the food looked like before
And here’s how it looked after we had our fill
Just looking at the almost empty plate shows how much we enjoyed the chicken. The meat was very soft and tender, and each piece tasted good. Sarap to the bones! And do you know how much it cost us for our entire meal? Just Dhs48. Dhs40 for the Mandi Chicken and Dhs2 for each of our drinks. Delicious yet affordable!
the gals with the satisfied tummies

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