01 December 2014

Authentic Emirati Food at Al Fanar Restaurant

It was the 27th of the month last Thursday, so as we always do, we went out for dinner to celebrate our family day. We hadn’t been to Dubai Festival City for a while, and since UAE National Day is coming up, Hubby and I opted to go Emirati and try Al Fanar Restaurant.  I’ve read and heard good reviews about it, so I was pretty sure we wouldn’t be disappointed.

The canal and surrounding areas were under renovation but fortunately, the DFC branch of the first and only local Emirati cuisine restaurant in Dubai (according to their website) was open.
We were in awe as we walked through the restaurant with life-sized statues depicting scenes of traditional Emirati life. It gave the restaurant a more authentic ambience.

Choosing the majlis-style seating, we had to remove our shoes before settling down on the cushions. It was a bit weird at first, but the girls instantly found it fun and interesting…mainly because it was different from sitting on chairs.

The waiter was friendly and helpful, and within a few minutes of ordering, we were served bowls of complimentary chickpeas.
And a few minutes later, our food was served.
Sophie caught on camera!
Robyan Mashwi (grilled jumbo shrimp)
Samak Magli-Shaari (fried shaari fish, which was served with rice)
Tekat Deyay Emarati (chicken kebab marinated in Arabic spices with yogurt)
Khoboz Wagafi (bread) which came with the Tekat Deyay Emarati
We all found the food delicious…even Caila and Sophie who particularly enjoyed dipping the bread in yogurt…making me wonder for the nth time why we never thought to try Al Fanar Restaurant before then.
The food was really good, and the diorama-like theme surrounding it was entertaining and educational as well. See for yourself how Sophie amused herself.

Now that we’ve tried Al Fanar Restaurant, I’m sure we’ll be back one day soon. It was definitely a great choice for us for Emirati food.


  1. Those grilled jumbo shrimps look yummy. Sophie is having a blast with those sculptures.

    1. She made the restaurant a little playground =)

  2. Hi Pam! I'm living in UAE too, Abu Dhabi specifically. However, we are in the Philippines right now to celebrate my son's baptism, first birthday, and also the Christmas season. I've been to Dubai but haven't tried this Al Fanar restaurant. Maybe, once we get back we can give it a try. Thanks for sharing and it was a pleasure meeting you here in BC bloggers.

    1. Hi Rozelle! Weee! Another UAE blogger! =)
      You should try Al Fanar...it's really good!
      See you around!

  3. I enjoyed looking at Sophie's pictures she sure had fun with all those life-size sculptures. :-)

    1. She sure did! It took us a while for us to convince her we had to go =)


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