17 July 2013

ang lakas mag-trip!

Last night we had our Chapter HH at our humble abode. Like our previous household meetings, we talked about the upcoming activities of the different ministries we were serving, as well as the details for any chapter, unit and household activities. Usually the earliest time the meeting would end and everyone would leave would be 11pm; but last night, everyone (including Hubby and me) left at around 10pm...because we suddenly decided to go all the way to Umm Al Quwain to check a possible hotel venue for the team-building we’re planning!

I know, crazy! It was pretty late, Umm Al Quwain is approximately 38 kilometers from Dubai, and the journey to the hotel took almost 40 minutes...but still we went.
It's a good thing the staff at the hotel were friendly and accommodating, and allowed all of us (three cars full of 14 adults, 3 kids, and a baby) to enter and look around their villas, no matter how late it was and even though we hadn't called beforehand. The man who went with us and opened the vacant villas for our viewing looked a lot like Bruno Mars complete with the fedora hat!

This is the real Bruno Mars. I didn't take a picture of his kalokalike
While we were in the last villa, the organizers of the team-building were standing around to discuss some details if we pushed through at that hotel, when suddenly one of them said “Kailangan upuan yan! Pag-usapan na lang sa Starbucks!” which prompted all of us to go out and get into our cars and drive out of the hotel.

We didn’t end up in Starbucks, though; there wasn’t any branch on the way. So we agreed to stop at the first Enoc station that had a KFC and Hardee’s restaurant...where Tito Bong bought Magnum ice-cream for all of us!

midnight snack!
When things would get complicated because of some conflicts and matters to be considered, someone would joke “Magandang pag-usapan yan habang kumakain ng lugaw sa Karama,” or “Mag-halo-halo kaya tayo sa Chow King para maayos yan?!” which would of course make all of us laugh at how crazy the idea would be...but considering our sudden decision to go on a road trip to UAQ late at night, who knows? =)
Thirty minutes after midnight, we were in our cars on our way back to Dubai. And amazingly, all the kids who were with us were still wide awake! Nakisama sa trip ng mga matatanda! 
mga malalakas mag-trip!
Mamayang hating-gabi uli, sa Fujairah naman! =)

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