08 May 2013

neuhaus le carré 10 flavours chocolates

Aren’t these pretty? 

One of my colleagues had just arrived from his European vacation and these chocolates were his omiyage /pasalubongs for us. When the box was being passed around, I just took 3 (milk speculoos, dark raspberry, and dark exotic lime). But because they looked so cute and colorful, I couldn’t resist getting the rest of the 7 flavours (takaw much?!). Initially I had planned to take a photo of the 10 flavours and then return the 7...but then, that was just the plan. I decided to use the image from the Neuhaus website instead kasi nakakahiya sa mga amo ko kung makita nila na kinukunan ko ang tsokolate.

Now, it’s been 10 minutes since I took the chocolates from the box and I am fighting the temptation to eat each and every little square in one go.  If these were ordinary chocolates, I would eat one and put the rest in my little box of goodies. But this time, they were too colorful to just be put away so they're lying on my desk beside my keyboard.  Ang cute kasi! And they’re Belgian chocolates so of course they would be delicious no matter what the flavour is!

To eat or not to eat now...that is the question =)

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