25 February 2013

i don't hate chinese food anymore

I hate Chinese food! Okay, that sounded too strong. Let's just say I don’t like Chinese food. If you take me to a Chinese restaurant, most probably I’ll just eat siomai, siopao, and/or Peking duck wraps...with occasional bites of noodles. If none of those are available on the menu, I’ll end up forcing myself to eat whatever the rest are eating and not enjoy the meal, which would be a total waste of time and money. So if I can help it, I avoid Chinese restaurants as much as I can.  But last Friday, I couldn't avoid it...which thankfully ended up to be a good thing.

After the NatCon, our friends wanted to go out and eat; and after suggesting and voting, we ended up at PF Changs in Dubai Mall. I know lots of people have given this restaurant rave reviews, and I’ve seen so many branches pop up here and there in Dubai, but because it’s Chinese, I’ve never been interested to try it. However, since we had just come from the NatCon, and all of us were enjoying a good laugh trip, I was too polite to say that I didn’t like Chinese. When we arrived in front of the restaurant and the lady told us that we would have to wait 30 minutes, I thought “Yes! Baka pwede tayo kumain sa iba na lang.” I suggested Texas Roadhouse, California Pizza Kitchen, and the other restos nearby, but all our friends said they were willing to wait. Darn! So we passed away the time just sitting and chatting in the chairs. I honestly thought they would get really hungry and opt to cancel our reservation and go to another restaurant, but of course I was wrong...probably because Joel bought a pack of Garrett caramel popcorn which we shared and munched on. 

Hubby and me in front of their magestic Chinese T'ang Dynasty horse replica
(taken while waiting)
Finally after 40 minutes (not 30 as they promised), we were informed that our table was ready; and after settling ourselves and going through the menu, we gave the server our orders. The food was served after a few minutes, and because we were sooooo hungry, we started eating as soon as we had blessed the food. This is the reason why there aren’t any photos of what we ate in this post =)
And I have to say it was the best Chinese food I have ever tasted! We had Kung Pao Chicken, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Crispy Honey Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Dynamite Shrimps that were served in a martini glass, and I can’t remember what else. Everything was so delicious that I ate 2 cups of rice! Unfortunately, the servings were huge, and since we had all stuffed our stomachs, we didn’t have any room anymore for dessert. I would have loved to try their Great Wall of Chocolate, though...probably next time.

Yes, since I had a very enjoyable dining experience, I’ll definitely visit it again. Maybe not at Dubai Mall, though, since it’s pretty far from where we live. Good thing it has a branch at Mirdif City Centre, and I think it opened one in Deira City Centre just recently as well. So now I’m no longer a complete Chinese food hater...just as long as what I’ll be eating is as good as PF Changs.
the "tourists and tour guides" who enjoyed a hilarious laugh trip that day
(taken at the parking lot)

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