26 February 2013

i met the president!

The CEO and President of our company, that is...the big boss from our head office in Japan. It was his first time to visit us, so naturally all of us (from our General Manager to the Office Boy) were excited and anxious to make a good impression.

Knowing that he had a packed schedule (he was only in Dubai for a little over a day), we didn’t think he would have time to go around the office after their meeting. However, my colleagues and I were of course silently hoping we could at least catch a glimpse of him just so that we could say we saw our company President up close. And fortunately, he did! He went around the entire office to greet and shake hands with each one of us! Of course, being employees of a Japanese company, we’ve been taught that it’s important to bow as a sign of respect, and that’s what all of us did.  That's not all though.

Just before leaving to visit one of our sites, our Deputy Manager asked me for the office camera. I honestly thought he was going to take it with him, but as I followed him to our reception, I saw that our guests and our Dubai bosses were standing in front of our company logo ready to have their picture taken. Of course I immediately realized what I needed to do, and clicked the camera a couple of times. And then, seeing that I also wanted to be included, our Engineering General Manager made way so that I could be part of the photo.

So, not only did I meet the President and shake hands with him, I have a photo with him, a Board Member, and the bosses of our Dubai Branch as well. Yaaaaaayyy!

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