05 February 2013

it started with the cake

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Caila wants to celebrate her 4th birthday at school. The plan was simple: I would bake cupcakes for her classmates, we’ll buy a small cake for the candle-blowing, McDonald’s nuggets for the kids to have something else to eat, flavoured milk or juice for their drinks, and a few stuff for lootbags. All Caila had to do was let us know what theme she wanted. Of course, that was my and Hubby’s plan.

Obviously, our daughter had something else in mind. She didn’t want cupcakes...she wanted to experience the whole cake-cutting hoopla, so her request was a big Ni hao Kai-lan cake that she and her classmates and teachers would share. Even when I explained to her that she’ll have a small NhK cake for the candle-blowing which she’ll share with her teachers, and the rest of her classmates will have NhK cupcakes, she didn’t budge. I tried to convince her by saying that it would be messy and time-consuming if she had to cut the cake, and her classmates would get hungry while waiting for their slices...but still nothing. She practically put her foot down, saying that a big cake was what she wanted.

Our plan went downhill from there.

She also didn’t like our idea of McDonald’s nuggets. We kept suggesting other finger-foods, but she said that cake was enough. She did consider puto, but that idea was scrapped after less than a minute. She doesn’t want sandwiches either, or mini-pizzas, or cheese nuggets.

And now that she wants a Ni hao Ka-ilan theme, I need to search the internet for ideas to incorporate it in the celebration. Sure the cake is easy, but I have yet to find giveaway items being sold here in Dubai related to this theme. None of the shops I’ve been to sell NhK items... not even erasers or stickers!


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