10 February 2013

3 on 3

In one day, I got all these!

Last Sunday, the 3rd of February, I received a message in my e-mail saying that I won the “Footprints in Dubai” book. Weeks ago, I had entered a contest of a site that I’m a member of and that was the prize.

Then a few hours later, the Sales Manager handling our account in The Galleria dropped by our office to give me the complimentary dinner voucher.

And in the evening , I won the Dhs25 gift card through Carrefour’s scratch and win contest.

That's three free stuff on the 3rd of February!!!

I already used the gift card when we went to Carrefour last Friday;  the dinner voucher we'll save for a special occasion; and the book I'll give to Caila for her to use when she's around 10 years old.  Fingers crossed that we'll still be in the emirate by then =)

Anyway, I’m just so happy that I received all this stuff. It was so unexpected...and all in one day too.

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