26 February 2013

dubai miracle garden

When I came across an article in the Gulf News website last Thursday about the new garden in Dubai, I was relieved...because that meant we didn’t have to go all the way to Al Ain anymore just to visit the garden there. Previously, we had planned to go to Al Ain Paradise just for Mama, but now that Dubai has its own version, it saved us the time and gas. So, off we all went to the Dubai Miracle Garden last Saturday. As it said on the map on their website, it’s located at the back of the Dubai Land Offices; we just had to follow the arrows leading to Arjan and the next thing we knew, we saw an arrow pointing to the Garden.
it's "Dubai" not "Disney" =)
notice anything wrong with the spelling of one of the words? =)
Mama had been feeling a bit weak earlier, but when she saw the flowers and all the different designs, her spirits lifted. It really is a beautiful place. I’m not sure if they allow weddings to take place there, but it would be a great venue if they did.
small umbrellas of cartoon characters covering one of the walkways
Unfortunately though, the place was more like an exhibition. You can’t smell the flowers, or touch them, or go near some of them...otherwise you’ll hear the Garden Police blasting their whistles at you. As we walked around the place, we could hear whistles being blown every few seconds. It was pretty annoying, but then again, I guess they want to make sure the flowers are protected. There was also music being played on the speakers in the middle of the Garden, which, I felt, was too loud (parang fiesta!).

All in all though, it was a nice experience walking around the place and seeing the colourful flowers and beautiful landscape designs. Definitely another great tourist spot in Dubai.

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