19 June 2016

Aseelah Restaurant, Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek

Aseelah. In Arabic, it means “one belonging to a great heritage and family.” However, if you haven’t heard yet, Aseelah is also the newest restaurant at Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek that opened on the 1st of June.

Having visited the hotel a few times and always seeing the wall announcement that it was “Coming Soon,” I was curious when the restaurant would actually open and what kind of food it would serve. When I had a taste of the camel sliders during the cruise on Al Mansour Dhow with my sister, and again at the Taste of Dubai last March, at least I had an idea of what to expect. But these just made me look forward to its opening even more.

So you can bet that when I received an invitation to the preview before Aseelah’s doors opened to the public, I was absolutely delighted and confirmed right away.

Hubby and I were greeted warmly as soon as we arrived and were led to one of the private dining areas. Entering the restaurant and taking in the pleasant music, lighting, colors and creative interior, you could immediately feel the traditional Emirati ambience it exuded. So calm, warm and relaxing.

We had this area all to ourselves
Sometime during our visit, I had the chance to meet Chef Uwe Micheel, the man behind the restaurant. When he saw me taking photos, he showed me which to take and at what angle I should take them from. Such a friendly guy!
By looking at the menu presentation alone, you can already tell the food is conventional with a contemporary touch.  And when you open the menu, you can have your selection between traditional Emirati food or dishes with a modern twist, all of which are made from local ingredients.
Anyway, on to the food.

As soon as we were seated, we were given little glasses of saffron and rose water that were a bit sweet, but yummy nonetheless.  You can see below the other mouthwatering dishes we enjoyed that night
Watermelon Breezer and Smashed Berry Spritzer

Dates Bread
Pan Roasted Quail Salad

Arabian Seafood Soup

Home Smoked Rack of Lamb

Seafood Saffron Rice

Seafood Risotto

Baked Cardamom Cheesecake
I'm not sure if my photos gave the dishes justice, but I swear, everything tasted absolutely delicious!  There was nothing we didn't like.  Well, my overall favorite was the Seafood Risotto (because I really love shrimp), but the others were just as delectable.  From the drinks and complimentary bread to the uniquely presented dessert, we couldn't stop raving every time we put something in our mouths.  Each dish was rich and had its own distinct flavor, making us return for more.

All throughout, our server (Jaquelyn?) was very attentive, accommodating and helpful. We asked for her recommendations on what to try, and as you can already tell, our palates and tummies were completely satisfied.

Aseelah is a restaurant we would highly recommend to anyone, especially those who enjoy or would like to try Emirati dishes.  The ambiance is great, the service is superb, and most importantly, the food is excellent.

Disclaimer: We were invited to the preview of Aseelah Restaurant without any obligation whatsoever.  However, we were so pleased with our experience that I wanted to share it on my blog.

Aseelah Restaurant
Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek
Baniyas Road, Deira, Dubai
Phone: 04-2057333

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