03 June 2016

#GPinCanada: McArthur Glen Designer Outlet, Tim Horton's, and Montana's

Aaaccckkk! It’s already June and there’s still so many things I haven’t blogged about! Well, I guess I better get started then, huh? So let’s begin with one of my pending posts about our Canada trip, shall we?

The day after our family day, Hubby and I took the four girls (2 nieces and 2 daughters) to McArthur Glen Designer Outlet which is located near Vancouver Airport. It was a pretty long drive and our nieces didn’t know the way, but thanks to Kuya’s GPS, Hubby managed to take us all the way there and back despite the heavy traffic.

an art sculpture that resembles a toucan
I think it had just recently opened so there were still some vacant shops when we visited, but the ones there were pretty much the same as the brands we saw at Seattle Premium Outlets.

On our way back home, I insisted that we pass by a Tim Horton’s branch. Why? Simply because it’s their local coffee shop brand. 
can you see our eldest hiding and peeking? ☺
You can't not try Tim Horton's when you're in Canada; it's like going to the Philippines and not eating at Jollibee.  Your visit wouldn't be complete! 
When in Canada, visit Tim Horton's! ☺
That night for dinner, our hosts took us to Montana’s which is a family restaurant known for its steaks, ribs and burgers.  It's also a Canadian brand, so that was nice treat.

It had all these d├ęcor made from hunting and outdoor stuff.
This looks so cool, don't ya think?!
I couldn't figure out if it was made from real antlers or just wood, though.

It baffles me how they managed to get that car so high up!
While waiting for our food, our girls busied themselves with the coloring papers that our server gave
Before starting to color, Sophie removed the wrappers from the crayons.  It's her habit.  And she didn't stop until she was done with all the crayons in the can.
OC much?!
The food, although typical items of a western restaurant menu, was actually pretty tasty, and we cleared up the plates in minutes.

Yup, we were that hungry! 

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