05 June 2016

#GPinCanada: Cousins Bonding

Whenever they were together, the four cousins would bond together every chance they could get.

There was one afternoon when Elaine and Nicole showed our girls how to make Oreo balls dipped in chocolate. The young ones had a fun time getting their hands dirty while molding the balls!

listening and watching intently to Ate Elaine

On another day, they baked a heart-shaped cheesecake. Making use of the blueberries we picked from Krause Berry Farm, the girls designed the top with purple branches. But then my brother decided to be creative and turned it into a reef with corals and a fish ☺
Nemo! ☺
There was also a morning when my eldest niece took out her box of colourful nail polishes and, much to the delight of our daughters, painted the tiny nails of Caila and Sophie in all sorts of colors and designs. It really made them feel kikay and pretty ☺

colourful nails just like candy ☺

One afternoon after going somewhere, we met up with Elaine and Nicole at Guildford Town Centre. While waiting for my brother and sister-in-law, the cousins passed by the Lego store which happened to be holding a small contest every 30-45 minutes. Players had to create the exact same figure that the staff showed (complete with accessories and facial expressions), and make as many as they could in 2 minutes. Whoever made the most would win 3 little Lego figures of his/her choice. There was nothing to lose, so Nicole and Caila joined…with Nicole helping her cousin from time to time ☺

In the end, after 2 rounds (because three kids managed to make the same number of figures), Nicole won! Yaaaay!

It was really heart-warming to see the girls bond together all throughout our stay. Despite the cousins’ age difference (or probably because of their big age difference), they got along really well and had lots of fun together.

Remember I posted pictures of them playing hide-and-seek and chasing each other around the house?

They did this frequently when the weather was warm and we were all at home, including taking walks around the neighbourhood and playing at the playground.

A couple of nights, they all slept over in Nicole’s room (or was it Elaine’s?) even though it was a bit cramped because they were having so much fun.

So even though our visit was pretty short, the cousins really maximized and enjoyed their moments together.  Of course we adults did too; but it was especially nice to see the young ones get along so well, hear their hearty laughter, and see their precious smiles.

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