06 June 2016

#GPinCanada: Peace Arch Provincial Park and Derby Reach Park

After lunch one day when all our hosts were busy or had someplace to go to, Hubby used my brother’s car (and GPS, of course) and our family went to the Peace Arch Provincial Park in Surrey.
It was pretty tranquil, with trees, flowers, picnic areas, and a wide grass area that our girls enjoyed running around in.

picking small white flowers

the sun peeking through the trees

There was even a log cabin that people could rent for events; although when we visited, it was closed and vacant.
The park benches were pretty interesting. They had all these quotes and sayings

The reason why it’s called the Peach Arch Provincial Park is because it’s located at the Canada side of the US-Canada border where the famous Peach Arch is. When you cross the border to the US, you’re immediately in Blaine, Washington.
Later that evening after dinner, Kuya Boy took us to Derby Reach Park where people can have picnics, take a stroll, or even camp out.
It was already 8pm when we arrived, but the sun was still shining; so except for Caila who had already conked out on our way there, we all just took in the serene views and atmosphere, and then later watched the sun slowly set behind the trees.

watching a very long train pass by at the other side

can you believe this was taken at around 8:15pm?!
Heading back home, while my brother and Hubby were talking at the front, I stayed quiet at the back of the car with Caila and Sophie. While watching the sunset earlier, it dawned on me that that day was our last full day in Canada. Our two weeks vacation was nearing its end, and I couldn’t help feeling sad at the realization that we would be saying our goodbyes in a few hours.

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