25 April 2015

Flowers in the Sandpit

Caila had another assignment to do this weekend that involved us having to go out: taking pictures of flowers in Dubai. Problem was there weren’t that many in our neighbourhood, and no way were we going to the Miracle Garden and walk around in this hot weather.

Fortunately, when we visited my sister yesterday, we saw several blossoms in the area where she lives, much to the delight of our eldest who kept running and pointing out the flowers she wanted me to take pictures of.

Dark Pink Bougainvilleas
Of course I indulged, but when I wanted her to be included in the shots, she didn’t want to or wouldn’t smile. 
See what I mean?!
What do I have to do to make her smile?
Oh well, at least we accomplished another school activity where we had fun (somehow), appreciated Mother Nature’s beauty in this sandpit, and I got to practice using my DSLR camera again.

A smile...finally!

White Bougainvilleas
Orange Bougainvilleas

Plumerias or Frangipanis

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