12 April 2015

Biting Into Jipangei

After keeping us in suspense for quite some time, a group of friends we know from the CFC-KFC community finally opened the very first branch of Jipangei in the UAE last Thursday. Unfortunately, I was still sick so we couldn’t join in the celebration. But yesterday after work, and after Caila’s dentist appointment, we finally had the chance to visit them and find out why our kababayans in the Philippines endured long queues for the ice cream in the corn cane cone.

If you’re not a fan of South Korea, KPop and/or Koreanovelas, Jipangei ice cream would seem like a weird type of snack…but the J-shaped cone is what makes it unique and appealing for people to try it out. It’s nothing at all like the regular cones you’ve tried. We had our choice of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream…or a mix of two. Caila ordered choco-vanilla which the three of us shared.
As I said earlier, the thick hollow cone where the ice cream goes into tastes like corn, or to help many Pinoys get a clearer idea, it tastes like the chichirya Pompoms way back from our childhood (raise your hands, all you 80’s and 90’s kids!).
As for the ice cream, it tasted just right…not too sweet, and soft enough to enjoy, whether you prefer to lick or eat it.

Meanwhile, as we chatted with the owners, Hubby was contemplating whether to get another cone or try their J-Hotdog. In the end, the meat-lover in him won, and we shared bites of that too.
Unexpectedly, it was delicious! The sausage was pretty much the same size as a Jollibee hotdog, only beef-flavoured, and the sauce that had a hint of cheese complemented it perfectly. If you’ve tasted the hotdogs from convenience stores and petrol stations, this is nothing like them. The J-Hotdog is much more tasty! The only thing we noticed is they didn’t have any bottles or sachets of mayonnaise or mustard for customers who would prefer to add these sauces. Anyway, we suggested this and let’s hope they’ll have these available next time =)

Since summer has already arrived in Dubai, the good news is they’re open 24 hours so you can easily get your fix of the famous Korean snack anytime you want!

Jipangei Corn Cane Ice Cream 
Al Baraiem Hypermarket, Muraqqabat Road 
(Opposite Brands for Less), Deira

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