06 March 2015

Overnight at Marriott Executive Apartments

As I mentioned in my previous post, Ate Ning booked a 2-bedroom apartment in Marriott Executive Apartments on the night of Caila’s birthday. The birthday girl called it “a wonderful surprise,” and truly it was. Of course the bonus part was that all of us got to enjoy the surprise as well =)

I'm not sure if it's only with MEA or the same with other Marriott hotels, but the way they number their apartments was a bit confusing.  You see, we stayed at No. 1145. Ordinarily, you'd think our room was on the 11th floor, right? But at MEA, the floor number was the second and third digits (14), the fifth was the room number (5), and I don't know what the first digit represented...probably the block or building? Anyway, moving on...

I shared some pictures of the apartment earlier, but here are a few shots we managed to take before we messed things up
View of the city outside our window
Dining Area
Master Bedroom
Also in the Master Bedroom
I woke up at around 6 o’clock the following morning, and seeing that Gabe, Mama and Ate Ning were also awake, I snuggled into their bed
And that’s when we had kulitan selfies early in the morning
When our cheeks began hurting from all the laughing, we decided to get up and prepare for the day. I opened the curtains and started taking pictures of the views outside

During the night, the balloons had all floated down to the floor, so we gathered them together and started snapping pictures

Caila isn’t really a morning person, so when she woke up, she climbed a chair and stared out the window
Sophie followed, and they both stared at the busy Deira street
When we had freshened up after breakfast, we went to the rooftop. There we saw the pool and went on the bridge that connected the two apartment buildings, where we took more photos

At the other end of the bridge (on the rooftop of the other building), there was a playground which the kids enjoyed over and over again

They managed to stop for a few minutes so that we could have a family picture
And then they continued where they left off

And my nephew convinced me to go down the slide for a shot like this =)
Before leaving, Sophie just had to have one last go down the slide
And then the kids raced to the other side, back to the block where we were staying

MEA granted us complimentary late check-out until 4pm, so before that, we went to Deira City Centre for a bit of grocery-shopping and lunch at Chili’s.

When we returned to the apartment, there were still a few hours left, so those of us who were tired had a quick nap on the comfortable beds and soft pillows, while the others played with the extra Play-Doh from last night (Caila), or took advantage of the free wi-fi (Hubby, my sister, and Mama).

It was a short but sweet stay...a great way to spend Caila's birthday and our Family Day with the people we love.

Thank you, Ate...sa uulitin! =)

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