31 March 2015

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Since we’ve never visited the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo before, and my sister had vouchers in her Entertainer Book, plus the fact that Mama and Gabe were going back to the Philippines the following week, we took our family to Dubai Mall on the 20th of March.
You can’t miss the replica of King Croc while approaching the ticket counter
Our eyes feasted on the different fishes and mammals swimming all around as we walked through the aquarium tunnel

And then we headed to the 2nd Level of the mall where the Underwater Zoo was located.

All around, there were boards that provided information about the different creatures...like this
One thing that entertained us were these fish.
Above them hung this piece of plastic where one of the staff stuck their food, and the fish would spit on the target for the food to fall, so that they could eventually eat it.  It was pretty amazing!
Walking on, we went up to where the night creatures were

And we went across the hanging bridge
Walking further on, we caught the first glimpse of King Croc and another crocodile below us

enjoying his lunch
We went back down after that, and proceeded to see more creatures from the ocean

crabs that resembled spiders

There was another replica of King Croc just beside the tank where he was
yes, she was scared
the real croc
he can see you!
And just before we left the different environments, we saw penguins which I totally didn’t expect to see (because I thought they were only in Ski Dubai).
We didn’t buy anything from the souvenir shop…but that didn’t stop me and Mama from having our picture taken
Of course we saw a lot more mammals and creatures than the ones I’ve posted pictures of here, but I think it’s better that you visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo yourself to see them up close. It really is great place to visit. Not only will you and your kids enjoy looking at different living things, but you’ll get to learn about them too.

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