05 March 2015

Caila’s Birthday Surprise at Marriott

If you think Caila’s birthday celebration ended when the last guests left the party, think again. My sister had arranged a special surprise for her niece, and it was one that we all enjoyed. The only clue we told the birthday girl was that we would be staying at a “nice, nice house” (how she describes a hotel) after the party. That alone made her excited already.

Ate Ning had booked a 2-bedroom apartment at Marriott Executive Apartments for that night, ordered helium-filled balloons in white and green (Caila’s favourite color), and two dozen cupcakes. A fruit arrangement, delicious chocolate cake, card from the staff, kiddie toiletries, and swan and monkey towels were a bonus courtesy of Marriott.

My sister had already checked in and brought our bags earlier that day, so all we had to bring were Caila’s gifts and leftover food from the party.
We needed to set-up a few things first, so we told Caila to wait with Mama in the hallway for a few minutes, which made her excitement and anticipation build up even more.
Finally everything was ready, and Mama led her in, making sure to cover the little girl’s eyes.
As soon as they entered and Mama uncovered Caila’s eyes, we all sang “Happy birthday,” much to her delight. As she took it all in, we could see that she was overjoyed and trying hard not to cry at the same time.

She was especially excited when we lay out all her gifts on the couch, wanting to open them up right away; but we told her she needed to eat first (she hardly ate anything at the party earlier), which she obediently did.
As soon as she had cleared her plate, she started opening her presents.

Sophie became excited as well upon seeing all the toys her older sister kept taking out

Finally, every single gift was unwrapped and all the mess had been cleared. We were all ready to go to bed and it was already late, but Caila requested me to read her a story from a book she received. I did, but only a few pages because I was so tired and sleepy. We ended up looking through the pictures so she could get the gist of “The Princess and the Pea.”
And a few minutes later, we all settled down to sleep…all of us with smiles on our faces, with the birthday girl being the happiest of all.

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