16 March 2015

Guest Post: Hubby's Experience at Zen the Spa

Remember I won a session at Al Ghurair Rayhaan's Zen the Spa? Well, Hubby also wanted a massage, so he checked out the hotel’s website, and lo and behold, they had a promotion going on where you could avail a 50% discount off their packages just by downloading their coupon! Of course he did this right away, and he instantly told me to book an appointment for us that Saturday. Being the obedient wife I am (hehehe), I did, and we made sure our schedules were clear for that afternoon. Anyway, since he’s the one who enjoyed the session more than I did, I’ll let him share his experience. So, ladies and gentlemen, my first ever guest and his first blogging stint…my husband, Christian (aka Guchi). Take it away, Mahal! =) 
Hello everyone! We arrived 30 minutes early for our 5pm appointment at Zen the Spa on the 7th of March. Pam presented her voucher and my coupon to the lady at the Reception, and soon we were led separately to the respective Men’s and Ladies’ lockers and changing areas. I first tried the steam room which was very warm, and then I transferred to the sauna which was more hotter. After a while, I was fetched by my therapist Cipriano who asked me a few questions while I refreshed myself with some lemon water before leading me to the room where Pam and I would be having our sessions. My wife arrived some time later with her therapist Indrani, and we lay on the beds for our aromatherapy massages.

My therapist started from my feet and legs, and within minutes I could feel my body relaxing under his hands and to the smooth music being played. Earlier, I had asked him to focus on my back and shoulders, and as I felt him removing the knots, my mind and body instantly fell asleep. Pam told me later that she could hear me snoring from her side of the room. Since our beds were several feet apart, that only means that I was snoring loudly. Talk about embarrassing! That’s what she meant when she said I enjoyed the session more than she did; I guess if that’s the basis, she’s right.

My peaceful slumber was gently interrupted by Cipriano sooner than I would have wanted, telling me that the hour’s session was over. After I put on my robe, he led me to the Relaxation Room where I spent a few minutes drinking another glass of lemon water while enjoying the after effects of the massage and bringing my thoughts back to reality.

After I emptied my glass, I went back to the locker and changing area to get ready and waited for Pam at the Reception. She soon followed with a blissful smile on her relaxed face, showing that she enjoyed the experience like me.

Okay, okay. I enjoyed it more. It was my first time to experience a full body massage at a spa and everything about it (from the facilities to the way we were treated) was very, very relaxing. If I could afford it, I’m sure I would go at least once a month. I guess I better check the hotel’s website regularly for promotions then. Or maybe not because it would be too addicting.
satisfied customers!

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