11 November 2014

The Need to Auto-Correct Humanity

I’m sure you’ve seen Prince Ea’s viral video Can You Auto-Correct Humanity. If not, here it is:
Pretty strong message, huh?

I saw that clip yesterday, and the part where people communicate more through social media than up close and personal really struck me.

How often have we seen friends’ statuses saying that they have problems or they’re depressed? When we do, we usually click on the Comment button and send words to uplift their spirits. Those words help, I’m sure.

But how often do you actually call your friend to talk, and give him or her encouragement, to let that person know and feel that you do care because you set aside time for him/her?

In a world of technology where all forms of communication are within our reach, it really is sad that we tend to forget the importance of actually talking to each other. Or even finding time to be with each other because everything we do is through social media.

Last month, a high school friend’s mother passed away. Aside from commenting on his status and sending a private message, I called him. A few days later, after they lay his mom to rest, he sent a message saying that it was only then that the emotional, physical and mental stress finally dawned on him. I called again. It was a longer conversation this time.

Then the other night, another friend from high school posted several statuses on her account that sounded so desperate and alarming (you guessed it, suicidal), I immediately asked for her number. When I spoke to her, she explained that she was just being her normal crazy self and was simply looking for attention from her mother and brothers who didn’t seem to care about her. I was relieved that she wasn’t serious about taking her life…err, at least she didn’t sound like it. But I still told her that if she needed to vent out, I was just a call away.

Both friends live in the Philippines. Sure the charges are higher because of the international calls, but I was just glad that by the end of our conversations, they sounded calmer, relieved, and a bit happier. 

And by the time I put down the phone, I felt better as well.

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