20 November 2014

How to Get a Police Certificate in Dubai

I had to apply for a police certificate this week and fortunately, it was a fairly simple process. For those who need to get one, here are the steps you should follow:

1) Prepare all the requirements: original and copy of passport with visa, photograph, original Emirates ID

2) Go to the Police Department. I went to the one beside Al Qiyadah metro station (in front of Al Mulla Plaza), and proceeded to the Reception of the Criminal & Investigation Department

3) Get a number and wait for your turn.

4) At the counter, present the documents and when the officer asks, say that you want a Police Certificate for so-and-so purpose (work, study, immigration, marriage, etc.).

5) Pay the amount of Dhs210.

6) The officer will give you a receipt mentioning when you can collect the Certificate (mine was after 2 days).

7) On the collection day, go back to the same place, give your receipt to any of the officers behind the counters, and wait.

8) When you hear your name called, approach the officer, get the receipt, and go to the room that releases the Certificates and Permits. Where I went, this room was at the next building so I had to go through the scanning machine and walk a short distance. The room was on my left side when I entered the building

9) Give the receipt to the person and he or she will give you the certificate.
That’s it!

Oh, one simple piece of advice: Make sure to check the information on the certificate (a copy of your passport will be attached, which they will retain before giving the certificate to you).

It was a good thing I did because the place of birth they stated was Philippines. I pointed out to them that it was supposed to be PNG (as stated in my passport) or Papua New Guinea. They immediately corrected it, and the kind CID Director promptly signed the amended certificate, wishing me the best of luck before giving it to me. So nice!

I’m not sure if the same process is followed at the other police stations, but the above is what I went through.

Hope this helps!

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