10 November 2014

Pasalubong: Matcha KitKat

In the Philippines, when a person returns from a trip or visits someone at his home, he usually brings something that we call a "pasalubong;" something like a souvenir or gift from the place he visited.

Where I work, we receive a lot of pasalubongs because we often have guests visiting (mainly from Japan), and my colleagues and I go on business trips and/or our annual vacations to our home countries or elsewhere.  And since I want to remember all the different international treats I get to taste, I decided to post a series of all these goodies I enjoy.

First off, matcha (green tea) flavored KitKat brought by one of the managers who came back from his vacation.
He usually buys these for us whenever he comes from Japan and they are my favorite flavors out of the very few varieties of KitKat I've tasted...actually, more the green one than the pink.
Plain Matcha flavor
Cherry Blossom flavor
Each box has 3 individual packs of 2 wafer sticks.
Yum? Absolutely!!!

I wonder why the KitKat flavors in Dubai are so limited.  It was only last year (I think) when I saw Lulu Hypermarket selling the orange and mint ones, but that's it.

Have you tried other KitKat flavors? What are your favorites? Please share...so I can ask our manager to buy them if they're available in Japan =)

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