15 March 2014

oreo cupcakes in vanilla and chocolate

For the second time this month, I baked Oreo cupcakes. The first was for Caila’s Hi-5 birthday celebration at school. And the second one was for our monthly KFC activity that was held this morning.

Caila’s birthday cupcakes were in vanilla, and today’s cupcakes were chocolate.

Actually, they’re pretty simple to make. You can search the internet for the recipe, and it’ll bring you pretty much the same procedures; the most common of which is making your favourite cupcake flavor recipe (usually chocolate or vanilla), placing an Oreo cookie at the bottom of the cupcake liner, and baking it as usual.

However, I did something else for mine: I mixed in chunks of Oreos in the batter before putting them in the liners. It made them more…umm…err…Oreo-ier! Hahaha!

For the chocolate Oreo cupcakes, I used normal cream Oreos all throughout. I separated the cookies, placing the sides with the cream at the bottom of the liners, and the other sides in the batter. For the vanilla Oreo cupcakes, I used the cookies with chocolate cream for the bottoms of the liners, and the normal cream Oreos for the batter. All cookies were used whole, meaning I didn’t twist or separate them.

Here are a few pictures of the steps I followed when I made the chocolate cupcakes. As mentioned earlier, you can use your favourite chocolate or vanilla cupcake recipe to make the batter. So I’ll just skip that part and fast forward to when I used the star ingredient.

Separate the cookies. Place the sides with the cream at the bottoms of the liners.
The sides without the creams are to be chopped into quarters and mixed in the batter.
Divide the batter evenly into the liners.
Bake as usual.

Fresh from the oven.
And because I have a mixer, I used the recipe from CenterCutCook.com to top off the cupcakes with yummy Cookies and Cream frosting.
The cookies mixed in the batter don’t really show in the chocolate cupcake.
But you can see them in the vanilla one here.
Definitely a great recipe for Oreo lovers like me!

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