29 March 2014

Day 1: 23 March - My Birthday

Mama woke me up at around 4am to greet and remind me that at that same time 35 years ago, I came out into the world screaming my lungs out. She never fails to call me around this time every year. She told me she had prepared several of my favorite viands and invited her siblings, my brother and his family, and my cousins over at our house (in the Philippines) for my birthday. Nakakatuwa because even though we’re far apart, she made an effort to celebrate my birthday.

I always want to go to mass on my special day, but because of the timings and/or lack of time, there are years when I don’t get to do this. Fortunately, because I’m allowed to leave work 1 hour earlier than my colleagues, I was able to arrive at St. Mary’s Church for the 4:30pm mass and give thanks to God for another year.

That night, I celebrated with dinner at Andiamo, Grand Hyatt with my family (Hubby, our two daughters, my sister, my nephew, and Yaya Jovy).
It was our first time to dine there and we enjoyed the delicious food and fresh air outside.
grilled chicken breast
mozzarella beef pizza
pizza andiamo
spaghetti ala carbonara
 Sophie was her usual bibbo self, drawing lots of attention from the servers who found her adorable.
After eating, Caila and Sophie saw a duck wandering around the lawn and they would either chase it, or it would chase them. We couldn’t help but laugh at their excited shrieks and giggles. The rainforest-themed landscape in the hotel lobby was a great place for us to take a stroll, enjoy the greenery, watch the fish swim, and take pictures to capture that day.

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