13 March 2014

thankful thursday: mama undo

I’m finding it a bit hard to think of something for Thankful Thursday today.

You see, the guardian/caregiver who looked after Hubby and his younger sisters for around 30 years passed away yesterday.

She had spent most of her life with their family, choosing to stay with them and love them rather than to get married and have her own children.
She treated the three of them as her own, taking the responsibility of raising them up and disciplining them well.
In their words, she was their mother more than their biological mother.

I guess this is a reason for me to be thankful.
I’m grateful at how she selflessly sacrificed her own happiness and dreams for Hubby and his sisters.
That she was the one who taught them the many things they needed in life.
That she raised all of them to be the sensible, responsible, and God-fearing persons they have become.

I am thankful for the life she lived…for the life God gave her…and for the opportunity to have had her in our lives.
Paalam, Mama Undo. Maraming salamat po sa lahat-lahat!
May your soul rest in peace.

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