17 March 2014

music monday: frozen and hello kitty

If you have a young daughter, it’s inevitable that whatever catches her fancy, you’ll be forced to watch or listen to it over and over again. And since I have two girls, that craziness is doubled.

Take for example my eldest. Ever since we all watched the movie Frozen at home more than two months ago, Caila likes to watch it every other night (well, almost). And if she doesn’t, she borrows Tisay and watches the movie’s music videos and sings along. Her favorite? Let It Go of course. She likes to claim that she’s Elsa, with powers to make ice and snow.

Sophie likes Frozen too. But she’s more into Hello Kitty. Whenever she can, she gets Tisoy from Hubby and flicks through until she finds what she’s looking for: a Hello Kitty game. She doesn’t know how to play it, but she loooooovvveeesss listening to the song at the beginning of the game. So of course when the song ends, she closes the app and opens it again to hear the song. Repeat this approximately 5 times each time Tisoy is in her hands. Just recently, I made the mistake of downloading the video of The World is Saying Hello, and now we hear the song being played twice as much as before.

So naturally, hearing Let It Go and that Hello Kitty song countless times, you can expect that these are the songs that are constantly in my head. And because I want to share my last songs syndrome and make you crazy as well, here are the videos that my kids just can’t seem to get enough of.

Ok, ok. I like the songs too.

Admit it, they’re rubbing off on you too =)

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