11 February 2014

looking into the positive side of things

Hubby recently shared this image on our FB account:
Since it also applies to negative experiences, I’d like to share how I’m looking in a positive way the recent things that have been happening to me and my family.

First case: Sophie’s hospitalization for 2 days.
The positive: I was able to take a leave off work to spend more than 48 hours to take care of her, play with her, and attend to her needs. Bonding time galore within the confines of a hospital room…just my baby and me!

Second case: Getting a bad case of food poisoning.
The positive: Losing approximately 7 lbs off my weight! My face became smaller, my tummy became slightly flatter, and I fit into a pair of slacks that used to fit me perfectly 9 years ago!

Third case: Caila fell ill and started vomiting so we had to take her to the doctor; at the same time, Sophie became feverish again.
The positive: Both girls became very clingy to me and Hubby, so we were able to enjoy countless cuddles, kisses and hugs from them all night while we carried them in our arms. I was also able to joke around with their pedia when we left her office that night by saying “Good night, Doctor. I don’t want to see you again for a long time.” She laughed real hard upon hearing that, and replied “Yes! Kalas! Go away!”

Fourth case: I sprained my ankle.
The positive: Upon seeing me limping around the office, my managers and colleagues are very understanding and aren’t pressuring me too much…at least, not as much as they usually do.

The frequent trips to the hospital would have made anyone cry out in despair. I admit that several times I would beg God “Tama na, Lord, please! Last na sana ‘to!” But then after a few minutes, I would realize that at least, these are the only things that happened. No lives were taken and we were all still together.

And those reasons are enough to make me see the silver lining and still be thankful in the end.

Stay positive, everyone! Good vibes all around!

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