11 February 2014

food poisoned

If you're following me on Twitter (if not, please do @gutzytower) you must have read that I had a bout of food poisoning last Thursday.

It was terrible, I tell you. From about 1am until 6am, I was shivering as I was trying to sleep. I was already covered in a sweater and nightrobe on top of my pj's and socks, but I still felt really cold. And in between, I would get out of bed several times to rush to the bathroom and either throw up or do a number 2 which was pure liquid. I didn't check my temperature but I'm sure I had a fever because my forehead and neck felt pretty hot.

Although I felt weak, I knew I couldn't not go to work that day. I had been on Emergency Leave from Sunday to Tuesday because Sophie was in the hospital and there were still a couple of important and overdue reports I had to do.

As soon as I arrived at the office, I prepared a hot cup of tea and nibbled on some crackers before sitting down to work. At 9:10am, I threw up. One of the managers must have heard me because he told me that I should go home as I sounded and looked terrible (thanks a lot!). Even my manager noticed that I didn't look too good and told me to go home and get some rest. Still I insisted on working. But by 9:45am, after facing the toilet bowl 2 more times, I finally admitted defeat and told my manager I was going to the hospital. It was a good thing one of the drivers was available to drop me off.

By the time I had informed the lady at the hospital reception that I was there for my 11am appointment, I felt so weak I could barely stand. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long because I soon heard a nurse call my name, she took my vitals, and a few minutes later, she called me in to see the doctor. Upon telling him what I had been experiencing, he said it was most probably food poisoning. As he questioned me on what kind of foods I had eaten the day before and whether they were fresh or expired, or bought, I remembered the one thing that I had eaten that no one else I knew had eaten: a cold cuts sandwich that I had prepared from home.

After leaving the doctor's office room, I had to have my blood sample taken at the Laboratory. There were 2 bottles mixed with I-don't-know-what and 2 test tubes...all 4 of which had to be filled with my blood. By the last one, I began to feel really weak and woozy, so as soon as he was done, the nurse squirted some alcohol-based sanitizing gel in my hand to sniff. Then he told me to rest on one of the chairs before I went for my stool sample. I then headed down to the Pharmacy to get the medicines I needed, after which I proceeded to the Treatment Room where I would be taking the drugs by IV.

All this time as I shuffled in between departments and floors, I felt soooo weak like I could barely stand and want to throw up as well. I seriously wanted to just give in to my body and lie down wherever I was during those times. My arrival at the Treatment Room was the perfect time because I thought I couldn’t take it anymore.

 From 12 noon until 3:45pm, I was lying down having the 4 bags and bottles of medicines dripped into my vein. There was nothing else to do but take a nap.
Earlier, I had informed Hubby of what happened, so he took the afternoon off, and by 2:30pm, he arrived at my side. While waiting for the last bag to finish, he went to get a Sick Leave certificate from the doctor. And finally at 4pm, we were out of the hospital.

I still felt weak by the time we left, but at least I wasn’t throwing up anymore. My condition improved during the weekend through the help of fresh fruits, rice porridge, and a drink that I made which I found on the internet (a mix of water, sugar, salt and lemon juice) which I drank a lot of. Now, I’m completely ok.

Err, except for the sprained ankle I have which I got yesterday morning which resulted to severe swelling, forcing me to wear an ankle brace and to stay off my right foot for at least a week.
I so need a foot spa and pedicure!
Oh well.

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