15 February 2014

what made my heart smile on valentine’s day

Belated Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

So, how did you celebrate the day of hearts? Dinner by candlelight? Movie-date? Or did you just opt to stay at home and enjoy the freedom from the traffic and crowds?

When Hubby went away last Thursday for a business trip, I thought that my Valentine’s Day would just be like an ordinary day. However, this was not the case. Although we didn’t get gifts for each other (we actually don’t celebrate this occasion that much), there were some nice things that I received which made my heart smile yesterday.

Last year, Caila had given me a card which she had made from school.  But this year, she was sick and absent for most of the week.  So what she did was write this small note first thing in the morning after I greeted her Happy Valentine's Day and gave it to me as soon as she finished
The day before, I had informed our ET barkada that I was going to have a lonely Valentine because Hubby was away.  But, yesterday afternoon, as the T’s dropped me and my daughters off at home after a party we all attended, they surprised me with this
Then in the evening, Hubby finally got the chance to call and spoke to all of his girls (me, Caila and Sophie), and later sent me this image on WhatsApp
Now who wouldn’t feel loved after getting all that?

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