15 February 2016

Couple Time at Zen the Spa

Hi everyone! How was your Valentine’s Day?

Mine wasn’t anything other than normal. Since early this month, Hubby has been working at their site office somewhere in Jumeirah, and he’s been working longer hours than usual, so he usually arrives home late, hungry, and very tired. Naturally, you can expect that yesterday wasn’t any different. I didn’t mind though, because he more than made up for it the night before. I was still on a high from what the KFC hubbies did and the lyrics of their harana kept playing in my mind, anyway ☺

And fortunately last week, we were able to get a little bit of couple time when we went to Al Ghurair Rayhaan to attend Zen the Spa’s Pre-Valentine event. We were late and, to my dismay, we practically missed the entire program because I had gone somewhere earlier and traffic was really heavy; but luckily, Ferry was nice and understanding. Later, he called Anna, one of the spa’s therapists, and they gave Mauh (of Blessed Days in Dubai), me, and our hubbies a private tour around.

I have to say that even though Hubby and I have already been there last year (during their Look Good, Feel Good event and our couples massage), the spa never fails to impress me. Just by walking and looking around, the anxiety Hubby and I had from the heavy traffic and being late quickly disappeared. Everything about Zen the Spa exudes an air of calm and relaxation, where all you have to do is sit back and simply enjoy being pampered.

Ferry later mentioned that the spa is running special Valentine’s offers with their Couple Massage Relaxation Treatment and an ultimate pampering treatment with A Gift for Her/Him, which includes a massage treatment, body scrub, facial, and hand & foot treatment. Pretty neat, huh?! Not only that, coupons can be downloaded here to get more than 50% off their Aromatherapy and Couples Massage. And the best thing is these offers are running the whole month of February! So if you didn’t get to celebrate the day of hearts yesterday, you and your loved one still have a couple of weeks to go to take advantage of their deals ☺

Later, we went down to the hotel's Yasmine Lounge for something to eat and drink because Hubby and I were starving. What I thought would just be a few minutes of quick chit chat with the lady behind Blessed Days in Dubai and Ian ended up to be almost two hours of conversation about anything and everything; you’d hardly believe it was our first time to meet in person!
Needless to say, even though Hubby and I arrived at the event a bit stressed and embarrassed, we managed to leave Al Ghurair Rayhaan on a positive note that night.

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