14 February 2016

A Cheesy, Yet Sweet Pre-Valentine’s Day Surprise

Days before yesterday, I knew our group of Kids for Christ coordinators was going to have a pre-Valentine’s dinner on Saturday night (some wives didn’t, though), but I didn’t know where. But then I saw this tweet from Asiana Hotel yesterday afternoon 
and for a reason I can't explain, I immediately felt or knew that Manila Grill was where the dinner was going to be. Originally, I thought “What will happen to the husbands’ plans if the hotel is closed off?” But after I shared the tweet to our group on WhatsApp, all the wives kept teasing and increased their expectations. The wives who didn’t know anything were saying things like
Dyan ba ang surprise nyo sa amin?
Kaya pala nagpapasama ang asawa ko sa Deira mamaya.
I even joked “Ang bongga ha! Napasara nyo ang Asiana?!” and “Formal wear ba? Kailangan bang naka-dress? ☺”

Anyway, we went to Asiana (as I guessed), and when we entered Manila Grill (I think I might be psychic! ☺), we saw two long tables had been arranged for our big group right in the middle of the restaurant. I don’t think we were the group with the private function the hotel was referring to in its tweet, though, since we weren’t that big.

Shortly when everyone had arrived, the food was served and we all enjoyed dinner while listening to the performers on stage.
long table 1
long table 2
our whole group
So, we thought that was that. Just a simple pre-Valentine’s dinner.

But after we had all had our fill and were just talking with each other, we saw roses were being distributed among the husbands…and they weren’t giving them to us.  And then we saw several pieces of paper quickly being distributed and pocketed by the men.
So we knew something like last year’s Mother’s Day surprise was going to happen.
some of us who went to the bathroom to retouch and get ready đŸ˜‰
And we were right.

When it was only our group and a few other diners in the restaurant left, the singer announced that she was going to sing a song requested by the husbands in front of her. So the wives all stood up and got our phones and cameras ready…and enjoyed our husbands serenading us in front of the stage.
And after the song ended, they gave each of us wives the roses, loving kisses, and tight hugs to top off their harana.

Ang cheesy ‘no?! But I’m sure many wives will agree that something like that still doesn’t fail to make us kilig to the bones, no matter how baduy it may seem. Right?!

So to the hubbies of KFC Dubai Cluster A, Thank you once again for always making us feel special and for giving us a Valentine’s surprise last night that we’ll truly never forget. We love you!
Happy Heart’s Day, everyone!

Photos taken by Tito Allen and Tito John


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