15 June 2015

Our Anniversary Dinner at Boardwalk

Years ago, we used to dine at Boardwalk occasionally for breakfast on weekends, but we’ve never gone there for lunch or dinner. This year for our anniversary, we decided to return and try their dinner menu.
When I made the reservation earlier, I had asked for a table outdoors so that we could enjoy the view of the creek as the weather had been predicted to be cool and breezy, but in the car on the way to the restaurant, Caila fell asleep and she seemed to feel warmer than usual, so we opted for a table indoors instead. Baka kasi mahamugan at matuluyan ang naguumpisang lagnat nya.

We were attended to right away, and within minutes after being seated and browsing the Mediterranean-inspired menu, we gave the server our orders. While waiting for our food, Caila busied herself with the activity paper the server gave, Hubby looked on, and Jovy, Sophie, and I walked around to see how Boardwalk looked like at night.

The restaurant was very different than how we remembered it, so it must have undergone a renovation from the last time we were there (which was certainly quite a while); but it definitely changed in a good way. The ambiance was more cozy and inviting, and I’m sure many couples would consider Boardwalk as a great romantic place to dine in.


The authentic oven

Fresh seafood!
More seafood!
More freshness!
Signature wines
View of the terrace
Oh look! The Burj Khalifa!

You can book one of these BBQ Donuts to enjoy a meal while floating on the creek!
Soon after, our food was served, so we all sat down to enjoy our meal.
Hubby's and my drinks (sorry, I forgot their names)
Warm complimentary bread
Spaghetti for the girls
Deep Fried Calamari
Herb Crusted Lamb Rack
We had requested for the lamb to be medium well, but upon discovering that we had been served a medium rare rack, we notified the server. Fortunately, it was soon replaced (not re-cooked!) with a plate according to the done-ness we preferred.

Carbonara Pizza...taken after a few slices had been eaten
I admit being kinda weirded out when I first saw the raw egg on the pizza and I was very hesitant to try it; but when I did, I was gladly surprised that it actually tasted good. In fact, I had 2 slices that night!

Since it was our family day, we couldn’t not have dessert, so I ordered a Banana Split for us to share. Caila and Sophie both love bananas so they still enjoyed it even though I fed them more bananas than ice cream ☺
The cool breeze outside was just too tempting, so we went out once again to enjoy the beautiful weather. It gave me a chance to take a few pictures of the girls too.

Feeling much better than she did earlier
As we were leaving, I insisted that we have a family picture, but with two kids who were already tired and wanted to go home, it was probably too much to ask. Fortunately, they managed to stay still for a few seconds…long enough for a couple of decent shots for us to remember that night.

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