24 June 2015

Spa Treat for Our KFC Daddies

When you think of spa treats, you automatically assume women are the ones being pampered. However, last week, as our (advanced) Father’s Day treat for them, it was the hubbies in our group of friends who were taken care of.

Since Father’s Day falls on a Sunday which is the first day of the working week here, we decided to give them their surprise on Thursday night, so that they would really enjoy and relax right after a busy work week and before the weekend.

We told our hubbies that we would treat them all to dinner at Sweet Pepper in Karama. Naturally they already suspected that we would have prepared something for them, so they simply enjoyed the buffet, expecting that we had prepared a program or slideshow to watch.

Imagine their surprise when we said we had booked all of them for a spa treat that night…they could go for a body massage, foot spa, or haircut…whatever they wanted!

Hubby was at the other end of the room and he kept looking at me and mouthing “Seryoso?!” and “Hindi nga? Totoo talaga?!” Actually, all of the men had the same reaction. It took them quite a while before we convinced them, but finally they left for the men's saloon and spa.
Although they were quite hesitant in the beginning, they slowly loosened up and eventually enjoyed being pampered.
Booking their requests
Enjoying iced tea and juice while waiting
Obviously they all enjoyed being treated like kings that night.

And why not, right? They work hard to provide and take care of our family, so surely fathers and husbands deserve to have a spa treat occasionally.

This was definitely a great idea for the special men in our lives...and of course, they all appreciated it.

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