26 May 2015

A Date With Myself

A couple of days ago, what would have been a regular Sunday evening with Hubby turned out to be a pleasant night with the greatest person I’ve dated: me! I’m kidding…well, not really. Hahaha!

Actually, it’s been ages since I went on a date with myself. Sure I’ve sneaked some me-time to visit the salon or go window-shopping or walk around the park…but that’s different. Back when I was still single and in the Philippines, I would go out and watch a movie, eat at a fast food restaurant, walk around the malls and take time deciding what to buy, sit down and people-watch...  I even went to Divisoria a couple of times. All alone! And it felt really good! Seriously! Because I got to do what I wanted to do without having to worry whether someone else was bored or wanted to do something else.

So anyway, as I was saying, I went on a date alone last Sunday after work. Here’s why…

Hubby had to go directly to a meeting after work, and we agreed to meet up after to shop for groceries, so I opted to attend mass alone in the meantime. Before going in, I lit some candles at the grotto, prayed a bit, and called home to check on Caila and Sophie. Hubby and I rarely talk when we’re inside the church so there really wasn’t much of a difference, except I didn’t have someone to hold hands with during the Our Father prayer.

Hubby’s meeting had ended before the mass concluded, so he waited for me just outside St. Mary’s Church, then we headed to Deira City Centre. However, he told me that he had already eaten during his meeting, so I suggested that he go to Carrefour while I have dinner. Which is what happened.

Since I was craving for a club sandwich, I ended up at La Gaufrette. I think the server was a bit surprised when I told her I just needed a table for one, but she led me to a table near the wall where I settled myself comfortably before taking in my surroundings and placing my order.
The pretty chair reminded me of my unforgettable one-day visit to
Paris with my WYD buddies back in 2005
While waiting for my food, I passed away the time by people-watching and just thinking up stories about the diners and shoppers passing by. Within minutes, my club sandwich and carrot juice were served.
By the time I had finished my third slice of the club, Hubby had already finished shopping, packed the groceries in the car, and was approaching my table. That ended my date with myself. I didn’t mind, though. This guy was pretty good-looking…and I loved him, so that was ok ☺

Although I was already full, a part of me still wanted dessert.  Hubby easily convinced me to top off my meal with something sweet, so I ordered a brownie with vanilla ice cream which we shared.
So how was my date?

Let’s just say that I hope I get to have another one soon. It’s a great way for much needed me-time, or when you need to gather your thoughts, or just want to be alone. It’s exciting and kind of liberating, especially if you’re the type who needs to be with someone when going out. Plus it’s a great way to find out what a fantastic a person you are to date!

Try it and see ☺


  1. Lovely place! The food and that chair! I so want that chair! Lol!

  2. Sarap naman! I should try this sometimes I think its fun. If we are neighbors lang sana, I'm just one call away for date escapades like this..hehehe

  3. I definitely need this! A date with myself.. I plan it out soon..

  4. Taking yourself out for a date is a good practice. That is what I do and I don't mind eating alone. :) Now, I am craving for some sweets after looking at the brownie!

  5. I don't have such opportunities! End work late all the time.

  6. Sometimes it's nice to eat alone and have time for yourself too!

  7. Nice place to have a date with someone or with your self.

  8. Was dessert the best part? Normally, me time for me would be curling up with a book or maybe enjoying ice cream. I feel like i have enough me time when I drive to and from work. Hehe. Even when I get my nails done I like going with someone like the husband or other girlfriends :)


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