23 May 2015

Our Mother’s Day Surprise

If you think our evening on the 7th of May ended uneventfully after Anne’s concert, think again.  Our husbands had planned something for us that swept us off our feet.  Here's what happened...

When Hubby fetched me, he wasn’t in Pepper. He had walked! His reason? He had been waiting for a while, but because there were so many cars causing a traffic jam in the area, he decided to park the car instead and walk to meet me. I was like “Huh?! Hindi kaya! Gumagalaw naman ah!

Anyway, so we walked to the place where he said he left the car. On the way, he asked if Bentoya was still open because he was feeling hungry. Since we were going to the airport to fetch his friend arriving from the Philippines, I said we could eat there instead. Still he insisted that he wanted to eat Japanese food, so I just agreed.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, I saw three of our friends (the hubbies) talking and waiting outside. That’s when I knew something was going on. Then when the server asked us if we were part of a group and Hubby said “Yes,” I knew my suspicions were right.

We were directed to their dining area upstairs where a private room had been reserved. Some of the mommies who I had been with earlier had already arrived, and we found our husbands had used the same alibi to bring all of us there. Other mommies from our KFC group who hadn’t joined us at the concert soon followed, and their husbands also told them they wanted to eat at Bentoya, and no amount of trying to convince them that it was too late or out of the way would change their minds.

While waiting for the drinks and food, our hubbies gave us bouquets of roses, and proceeded to serenade us with their version of Adam Sandler’s “Grow Old With You.” They hadn’t practiced, it was simply something one of the men thought of as an additional surprise (he had printed out copies of the lyrics earlier), so their performance was a bit rusty, but you can bet we really appreciated what they did.
Their surprise was so cheesy, yet so sweet, we couldn’t help laughing and giggling out of kilig.

It was truly a memorable (advance) Mother’s Day treat for all of us.
Now of course the wives are pressured to surprise the hubbies next month for Father’s Day. Need to put our thinking caps on…

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  1. Wow! That was one cool day of surprise from the dads to the moms. It was in group too! It's my first time to read this kind of surprise in groups which I find pretty amazing. Pano kasi pag may isang mom na hindi sumipot diba? hehe.. Really cool!


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