17 May 2015

Girls' Night Out at Anne Curtis' This Is It Dubai! Concert

It’s been a while since I went on a night out with girl friends so when one of the KFC mom’s asked if any of us were interested to watch Anne Curtis’ upcoming show, I was one of the first to say “Yes!” Never mind if I wasn’t much of a fan; I simply wanted to spend a night with other mommies and have a good time.
We bought the tickets from our friend, and since he also happens to live near our place, I was appointed to gather the payments and collect the tickets.
So on the 7th of May after work, our group of 10 wives/mommies met up outside the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium for the Philippine Concert Sweetheart’s This Is It, Dubai! concert. We entered the venue just as the Tag 91.1 RJs came on stage.
There weren’t that many people yet so we placed ourselves just behind the divider separating the Bronze ticket holders (us) and the chairs for people who held VVIP and Platinum tickets. Naturally, we took pictures.

And it wasn’t long before our noisy, happy group was noticed by a media person who asked to take our picture. Of course we obliged
It was also the Grand Finals of “Sing with the Star” that night, so since there were 14 individual finalists and they would each perform to show their singing prowess, some of us decided to make ourselves as comfortable as we could by sitting on the ground.
A while later, thanks to Tita Bing and her connections, we were given special passes…allowing us to seat ourselves at the VVIP and Platinum ticket-holders area. Woohoo!

Finally, the winner of the contest was awarded
And soon after, the screen on the stage showed Anne taking a selfie, asking the crowd if we were ready, and then showing a scene of her grand entrance from one of her previous concerts. And then she came out for a Snow White themed (costume-wise) performance.
What followed were several song numbers, most of which she sang very well. To everyone’s surprise, she even managed to sing an opera song …and she was unbelievably amazing! Anne completely nailed it, up to the very high notes. She definitely erased all my doubts of her singing capabilities!

And as she had promised, she not only entertained us with her singing, but with her lively and colorful costumes too.
image from Time Out Dubai
image from Time Out Dubai
image from Time Out Dubai
image from Time Out Dubai
image from Time Out Dubai
image from Time Out Dubai
In between, she either sang duets with Mark Bautista and Sam, the winner of “Sing with the Star,” or she would leave them to serenade the crowd while she changed costumes.

There was one time while she was singing when she noticed a little boy and was probably just going to touch him, but the parent handed him to Anne to carry. She did, and after a short while, she bent down to return the kid. To our amusement, the boy wouldn’t let go of Anne, so she kept on carrying him while continuing to sing. 

Soon after, she tried to put him down again, but he cried in protest 

Finally, on her third attempt (I think), the father took his son despite the boy’s cries and wails 
As I tweeted that night, it was a very ANNEtertaining concert. Despite a few glitches that were obviously not part of the program (microphone losing its signal, earpiece constantly falling off, the kid who wanted to stay in her arms), Anne took everything in stride, laughing them off and showing just how down-to-earth and funny she really is. She was a true sweetheart that night. 
And what made it more fun was enjoying it with these wonderful ladies.

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