04 December 2014

Dinner at Carluccio's with December Brides-to-Be

I spent two consecutive dinners with friends from my SFC days last Saturday and Sunday. This post is about the first night which I spent with my former household members at Dubai Mall.

It had been a while since we all got together, and since two of them were getting married this month (one on the 22nd and the other on the 26th), we all agreed to meet up for dinner on the 29th of November.

I met up with Carol and Ivy, the two brides-to-be, before we proceeded to Carluccio’s to wait for the others. There were a lot of diners in the restaurant when we arrived, but fortunately we were attended to right away and we settled in a booth/table where we enjoyed a great view of the Dancing Fountain. Mitch arrived later and she was soon followed by Joanne.

Since Carol had three Entertainer Vouchers, we put all of them to good use by ordering two of each of the following:
Chicken Saltimbocca
Salmon Pesto
Seafood Linguine
waiting for the others
Was the food good? Well, there were five of us and six main meals…and we managed to eat everything. So you can tell we liked what we ate.
It was funny looking at Carol and Ivy and listening to them talk. Both were calm and relaxed, but while Carol was really hands on and very detailed with everything, having accomplished most of what needed to be done, Ivy still had so many things to take care of and decide on…but still she was calm. Unbelievable!

In between, they would ask the three of us how our wedding day went, any advice or small but significant things they needed to do, what happened the days and weeks after getting married, and most importantly…the wedding night. There was one word we told them to remember: "Shameless!" =)

It was a dinner of laughter, memories and advice…and Michael Jackson! Hahaha! Yup, you read right, although of course you’d have probably guessed it wasn’t really him.

Earlier, while the three of us were chatting and waiting for our orders (the two hadn’t arrived yet), someone who dressed and looked like Jacko casually walked in the restaurant with his friends and sat down at a table near us.
MJ is alive?!?!?!
We were hesitant to ask for a picture because although we knew he wasn’t the real thing, we thought it would be fun to get one; on the other hand, he might not want to be disturbed and/or didn’t want to have his picture taken. But when we saw another diner approach him for a picture, we found the guts to approach the King of Pop impersonator who willingly smiled for a couple of photos.
Now that’s a dinner I won’t easily forget! =)


  1. MJ impersonator is the winner. But looking at the photos of food, I must say, it was one hearty get together.

  2. He was just cool...feeling MJ talaga =)

  3. Oh hello there, MJ! :D


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