05 December 2014

Get-Together with My Original SFC Family at Intramuros

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had two consecutive dinners with friends early this week.

On Sunday, it was another dinner with Ivy, along with the rest of our original sisters and leader from SFC at Intramuros.

Just to backtrack a bit, Ivy and I belonged to the same original household when we joined Singles for Christ. Soon after ‘Nay Rose got married, some stayed active, some had to return to the Philippines, two also got married, while the rest lay low. When I became a leader, I “adopted” Ivy so that she could have a household again, which is why she was part of the dinners at Carluccio’s and Intramuros. Actually, she was the reason why we had the dinner at Intramuros…to celebrate her finally deciding to take the plunge.

That dinner was a very sudden plan. It’s a good thing most of us were able to make it, because usually when our group plans get-togethers, they either don’t push through or majority can’t attend because our schedules don’t jive.

Anyway, there were eight of us who came, including Ivy’s fiancĂ© Barry, who met the others in our group for the first time that night.
At first we talked about what has been happening with each other’s lives, but when Barry left because he had to meet someone somewhere, that’s when we grilled Ivy about their relationship and the wedding preps. We all let loose and joked around and laughed…just like when we were still singles.
And of course before parting ways, we did what we always do…have our group pictures taken! =)


  1. It must have been really fun being able to have a meal with all your friends at the restaurant.

  2. This is sound like a fun dinner with friends and the photo show it all. It always nice to set down, talked and eat, quality time with friends indeed. :)

    1. Yes, it's really nice to talk and catch up with friends you don't see often =)

  3. Old friends don't really leave you don't they. They go about their lives and when your paths cross it's like they never left.

    1. I agree, especially the really good friends. You just need to keep in touch from time to time =)


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