05 September 2010

garage parking, side parking & hill tests: passed

I took my first 3 tests last Thursday afternoon, along with 5 other ladies. One by one, we were required to get in the car, do a test, then go out of the car and wait for our turn to take the next test. It started at 4:30pm, and we were standing out in the sun while waiting for our turns with no shade. It was soooo hot!

The Garage Parking Test was first, which all of us did with no problems.

The Side Parking Test was next. The lady who took the test ahead of me forgot to return the steering wheel to the original position and I only noticed it when I had started reversing. Fortunately, I was able to adjust the car and bring it inside the “box,” giving me another PASSED stamp on my paper. There was 1 who failed this test because she had turned the steering wheel too early, ending up with the car outside the box. We all thought the Police Examiner would give her another chance, but unfortunately it was just one chance for each.

Last was the Hill Test where we had to take the car forward up the hill and back in reverse. I was getting really nervous this time, because: 1) I had only done this for 2 classes, unlike the others; and 2) contrary to what hubby had told me (maybe just to boost up my confidence) not everyone passes these tests. The lady who took the test before me had failed because she mixed up the use of the accelerator and brakes, and she kept turning the steering wheel, ending up too close to the side. When my turn came, I adjusted my seat and the mirrors and put the seatbelt on. Again, the lady before me had forgotten to bring the steering wheel to the original position (which I didn’t notice again!). Luckily, I was able to adjust the car to its proper position. As soon as I was ready to move the car, the Examiner told me to bring the gear to neutral, and accelerate. I was confused because I knew that I had to be on driving gear, but I did what she instructed...which was wrong of course. She told me how could I expect to bring the car up the hill if I was on neutral. I wanted to tell her “DUH!” but instead I kept quiet, brought the gear to D, accelerated, put the hand-brake down, stepped on the brakes when we reached the other side of the hill, and put the hand-brake up. I proceeded to do the same thing in reverse gear to go back to where we started while checking the mirrors and the back of the car, and adjusting the steering wheel to make sure we were in the middle of the road. Finally, she said the best words I heard all day: “Congratulations. You passed all 3 tests.”

Whew! Three down, three more to go!

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