09 September 2010

on the roads of dubai

Good news! Our DGM just approved my request to adjust my work timings every (working) Saturday, Monday and Wednesday so that I could take my driving lessons during the week.

I thought he would insist that I should take the lessons during the weekend only (which would cost more), but fortunately he accepted my plan to come to work 1 hour early so that I could leave at 4pm. Hurray!

Just an update on what I’ve been doing lately during my lessons...Ever since I passed my hill and 2 parking tests, I’ve been taking the car out on the roads of Dubai. On the first day, Mateen told me to just drive around the area near the school where I could practice humps, roundabouts, left turns and right turns. The second day, we ventured towards Lamcy and Creek Park areas. Yesterday, we went really far...to the Fruits & Vegetable Market area in Ras Al Khor. Picture me being really stiff and nervous almost the whole time, especially when big cars and trucks were driving by. There was a car that overtook us and went in front of our car, so Mateen told me to overtake it and go in front of the car as well. He kept telling me to speed up, until I realized we were going at more than 100 kph! That’s when my palms starting sweating and I had to ask for tissue. Good thing we were approaching a junction so I had to slow down.

Anyway, looking back, I could say that I’ve improved a lot. I may be making some mistakes (especially when making turns), but at least I’ve become a bit more confident and relaxed when driving. It may not be much, but at this point in time, I'm really proud of myself.

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