28 September 2010


Since I woke up on Saturday morning, my voice has been hoarse and husky. My throat isn’t hurting and I don’t have a cold; I haven’t even been drinking ice cold drinks lately, nor have I had sweets (err...except maybe for the slice of Oreo Cookie Bash from Gourmet Burger Kitchen last night). The only reason I can think of is because hubby and I were asked to host the first part of a friend’s daughter’s 7th birthday party last Friday night.
Because the guests were not all Pinoy, we had to speak in English so that everyone could understand (nosebleed!), and getting the attention of about 25 boys and girls (dressed up as princes and princesses), ranging between 1 and 9 years old, telling them what to do was, of course, no simple task. We had to repeat everything we said!
It was fun, but now that I’m on my 4th day of having a “bedroom voice,” I think I’d rather leave the hosting to the pros and enjoy being a simple guest instead.

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