02 April 2018

Caila's 9th Birthday with Lego, Sprinkles, Sports, and Cream

Just like all her past birthdays, Caila had to have a theme when she turned 9 this year. And since she and her little sister had been spending their free time playing with Lego sets that their Oma and Opa gave last year, it was practically a no-brainer that she would choose that to be her theme. The good thing about it was we only had to spend on the giveaways and the family dinner to celebrate because she agreed not to have a party again. Whew! ☺

I didn’t think my regular supplies store near Al Ras metro station would have Lego themed items so we opted to buy keychains instead. Luckily for us, Lego had an ongoing sale that time so we managed to buy the mini-figure keychains at half the usual price. These were for her classmates and friends. For her teachers and bus nannies, she gave KitKat bars that had Lego-themed wrappers I DIY'd.
It's not fun for kids to celebrate a birthday without a cake, so I stayed up the night before to bake one. This time, she specifically requested for a funfetti cake and even gave me several Lego pieces to decorate it with. I’ve never made this type of cake before, and although it would have been easier to just use a boxed cake mix, I chose to make it entirely from scratch with the help of recipes from the internet, sprinkled it with hundreds and thousands of love, and hoped for the best.
On the day of Caila’s birthday, she took a shower and got ready for school as usual, then she sat down to her traditional birthday number pancake in front of the banner I prepared while we waited for her greeting on E-Junior to flash on the screen.
Unfortunately, this is the third consecutive year E-Junior has been using the same picture even though I always
send an updated one. Now I'm trying to decide whether to continue with this tradition or not next year when
she turns 10.
I had taken the day off work because aside from it being her birthday, it was also her school’s Annual Sports Day. She was participating in only one activity, but of course being a mom, I had to be there to cheer her on and show my support. Fortunately, she and her teammates were declared the overall winners in their level for the Tug of War so the gold medal she received was a nice reward on her special day.
The event ended at around 1pm, and by then she was tired and hungry, so we headed to McDonald’s for a quick lunch date for some bonding time and to celebrate her victory.
Back home, it was time for Caila to cut the cake; but not before she and Sophie added more Lego toys on top because apparently the ones I had used earlier were not enough. That probably explains why she wasn’t smiling as much in the morning. Hahaha!
To my relief the cake was delicious. My girls were delighted with the colourful sprinkles they saw before enjoying each bite of the moist cake. Yaaaaay!
For dinner, we all headed to Hard Rock CafĂ© which was the birthday girl’s restaurant of choice. Not because of the food, music, or band…but because she wanted to have her face splattered with a plate of cream. Kids, go figure ☺
I honestly thought Caila was going to cry from embarrassment because she immediately covered her face with tissue and it took a while before she removed it, but she was actually thrilled and couldn’t stop laughing! Well, as long as she’s happy with how we celebrated her 9th birthday 

Happy birthday, anak! I will always love you more than you'll ever know.  It may not be too obvious at times, but know in your heart that no matter what, I love you sobra, too much, super, to the max!
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